California ‘Karen’ goes on racist rant, calls cops on Black woman

Near the full video's end, a witness can be heard opposing the alleged victim's need for an ambulance and any claims she was endangered.

As this unknown “Karen” calls police, a witness can be heard opposing her need for an ambulance and any claims she was endangered.

Over the weekend, another “Karen” activated her bigoted fingers to dial 911 and used her racist vocal cords to berate yet another person of color.

On Sunday, a white woman in Los Angeles County’s Manhattan Beach was recorded on its shore’s bike path repeatedly using a condescending tone to call the Black woman recording her an “African” who accosted her, stating, “You Africans are so violent.” 

The woman proceeded to call the police, telling authorities the “African-Black” woman attacked her from behind and harmed her environment, so she needed medical attention. 

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Throughout the recording, the woman was not wearing a mask. Toward the end of the full video, a witness can be heard saying, “No, no, no,” and “Oh, my gosh,” opposing the alleged victim’s need for an ambulance and any claims she was ever endangered.

According to BET, Britt was the Black woman behind the camera enduring the other’s tirade. In the recording, Britt states “Karen” called her the n-word, and she recorded their exchange to have evidence. 

“I’m getting her on video so I can say, ‘This is an example’,” said Britt.

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Upon learning about the racist experience his sister endured, Brandon Crockett described, on Instagram, how he felt about it. “I’ve had enough of seeing my people being accosted in the middle of their daily activities for quite literally, just being black,” wrote Crockett.

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I woke up this morning ready to shatter a fucking window. Didn’t think this would happen to myself or my own family members—let alone in Manhattan beach—but hey, this year really is full of surprises. While my sister was out on a run this morning, a woman shouted at her, calling her all sorts of nigger and African and…well you can just watch the videos. Point is man, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of seeing my own people being accosted in the middle of their daily activities for quite literally, just being black. And I most certainly have had enough of seeing us being slaughtered in broad daylight. I can hardly explain how infuriating this shit is. And it’s not going away any time soon if we continue to do nothing. Unless you are a literal mute, you have a voice. (Shit even mutes have a voice to some extent) So use it. That means calling out these blatant ignorant acts of racism when you see them in public, voting, petitioning, educating yourself and others. We live in a society that is actively trying to eradicate an entire group of people. That’s the reality. If you have black friends, and participate in virtually any form of contemporary artistic expression, then this affects you. And if the above doesn’t apply to you, then guess what pal. It still affects you. Don’t sit back and watch your fellow human beings endure this kind of treatment. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”. -J. K. Rowling #blacklivesmatter

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Advancements in modern technology have led to a surge in cellphone-taped videos that have included “Karens” being caught in these shameful acts. California and New York lead the US with the most incidents, The Grio reported

From January 2018 until July 2020, California was home to 27 of these incidents, and New York had 16, BeenVerified reports.

“The common thread through all these incidents are people making false assumptions based on race or taking advantage of those assumptions to make false claims to authorities,” said Richard Gargan, BeenVerified, a background check company.

These interactions are racially-motivated and reflect the bigoted value structure responsible for perpetuating white privilege and systemic oppression.

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