Manhattan Beach

Bruce's Beach Newsom
Manhattan Beach land known as Bruce’s Beach was stripped away from its owners decades ago and now their heirs will get it back.
/ September 30, 2021
Los Angeles County is moving forward with a plan to return prime beachfront property, Bruce’s Beach, to descendants of a Black couple.
/ July 20, 2021
Bruce's Beach
60 Minutes+ correspondent Wesley Lowery traveled to Bruce’s Beach to report on efforts to return the land to the descendants of the family.
/ May 2, 2021
Bruce's beach
After a long campaign, the historically Black Bruce’s Beach is finally being returned to the descendants of its owners.
/ April 21, 2021
Bruce's Beach
Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn intends to transfer Bruce’s Beach property to descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce.
/ April 10, 2021
Bruce's Beach
The descendants of Charles and Willa Bruce may soon own the land again after their family lost it almost a century ago.
/ March 2, 2021
Near the full video’s end, a witness can be heard opposing the alleged victim’s need for an ambulance and any claims she was endangered.
/ August 31, 2020