Joy Reid likens Kyle Rittenhouse’s ‘male, white tears’ to those of Brett Kavanaugh. Now, both men’s trials have ended in their favor.
/ November 20, 2021
She points at the Black man, saying he’s a drug dealer. “Why?” her partner asks. “Because he’s driving a f–king Buick?”
/ August 24, 2021
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White women have launched a disturbing new TikTok trend in which they cry on command and then suddenly stop to smile at the camera.
/ June 22, 2021
A new study revealed that 60% of women named Karen were supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election
/ November 2, 2020
Near the full video’s end, a witness can be heard opposing the alleged victim’s need for an ambulance and any claims she was endangered.
/ August 31, 2020