Georgia teen abused by father on Instagram Live

The teen is seen sitting in a chair in a garage as her father and an unidentified woman belittle her.

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A disturbing video of a Georgia teen named Trinity being abused by her father and an unknown woman, believed to be her stepmother, was posted on Instagram Live today and people on social media are concerned for the child’s safety and wellbeing.

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In the hard-to-watch video, Trinity is seen sitting in a chair in a garage as her father and the unidentified woman belittle her and refer to their particular form of discipline as “court.” During a line of questioning, Trinity is repeatedly smacked and struck by both adults.

As the assault progressed, the teen managed to escape from her tormentors, but her father chased her down and dragged her back into the garage. At one point, her father is seen throwing Trinity on the floor and then restraining her by sitting on her chest.

A screenshot of the viral video with Trinity and her father (via Social Media)

In a later post, her father was completely unrepentant when he defended his right to discipline his daughter for running away and lying. He accused her of going to a stranger’s house and smoking weed.

He asserted that it was better for him to discipline Trinity than for her to end up being beaten and possibly raped by the person or persons she had visited earlier.

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According to TheShadeRoom, a friend of Trinity’s said she and her parents are trying to locate the girl and notify authorities as to her whereabouts, but Trinity’s family recently moved without leaving a return address.

Hoping to get help for the young girl, many social media users as well as celebrities like Lil Scrappy, shared the troubling video.

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