Mom files $16 million lawsuit against Tamron Hall over vaccine segment

Anti-vaxxer guest Jeanine DiAngelo claims Hall embarrassed her and her son by comparing him to a 'leper' on her show.

An anti-vaxxer mom is suing Tamron Hall for $16 million after being a guest on her show.

Jeanine DiAngelo appeared on The Tamron Hall Show in September 2019 to talk about her anti-vaccination beliefs. The woman appeared on the program after she was forced to homeschool her son because New York state repealed its religious exemption for unvaccinated children.

Anti-vaxxer guest Jeanine DiAngelo claims Tamron Hall (above) embarrassed her and her son by comparing him to a ‘leper’ on “The Tamron Hall Show.” (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for National CARES Mentoring Movement)

During the show, Hall told the woman that she would be concerned about exposing her son to DiAngelo’s.

“I can’t look at him like this and have this debate when I know my son is around the corner, and I wouldn’t want him to hug him because I don’t want my son, based on science, to be exposed to an unvaccinated child,” Hall said. “This is why we brought it up, not to judge him.”

She did, however, hug the teen herself.

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TMZ is reporting that DiAngelo claims Hall embarrassed her and her son by comparing him to a “leper” during the episode. She says Hall violated New York law by discriminating against her and her religious beliefs.

She also contends that the Emmy Award-winning talk show host caused her and her son to “suffer colossal emotional distress.”

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DiAngelo is a frequent blogger and wrote about her experience on the show in a post in October of 2019. In the post, she says that a producer of the show read about her and her family in the Wall Street Journal “in which my family discussed my children being kicked out of school.”

She writes that she was repeatedly assured that the segment would be “a fair and level playing field in which my son and myself would tell our story.”

In the post, she writes that the staff on the show was “kind, receptive, and engaged” in their story. But, she says, “within moments of her (Hall) speaking I knew we were in trouble and had been deceived about what the show was about,” she said that Hall “humiliated my son and then had him escorted off the stage.”

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“She then proceeded to tell us we were a minority! Because we are a minority do our rights not matter? Because that is what she was telling us,” DiAngelo writes. She said that she was apologized to and the show provided them with a car to get home, instead of via train, which was how they arrived.

She claims she received hundreds of messages supporting her from people who were “disgusted” by the treatment she received. “This really epitomizes the entire issue for me,” she concluded, “they really just wish they could make our inconvenient truths just disappear.”

Hall had not issued a statement about the lawsuit as of press time.

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