Cardi B tells ‘regular’ girls not to ‘break your neck to get a Birkin’

Cardi B took to Instagram to address a viral tweet trend about Hermes Birkin bags.

Cardi B had her say on Instagram to post a video addressing a viral tweet trend that took place this weekend about Hermes Birkin bags. 

Saweetie appears to have kicked off the trend when she appeared on her boyfriend Quavo’s IG Live and said, “And if he not getting you a Birkin, and if he not paying for your bills, then throw that ni**a back to the streets. OK?”

“If you a regular girl, you ain’t got to break your neck to get a Birkin,” Cardi B then opined near the end of an Instagram post. “A ni**a don’t care if you got a Birkin or an Aldo purse.” 

She declared that a lot of beautiful women don’t even wear labels yet are “swaggy as f**k.” 

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The hashtag #BirkinBag morphed into a conversation about how the purses are hard to get, including how it reportedly boasts a lengthy wait list. The question also arose if female rappers were somehow “devaluing” the bags by association. 

The bags have a starting price of $12,000 and can top $30,000. 

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“Devalue the Hermes brand, or birkin bags. Like this way out of my tax bracket, but the racism within this topic is what’s REALLY annoying me. Like just stfu about it, especially if you can’t afford it. Tf?” one Twitter user wrote

In addressing that portion of the topic, Cardi B said that she can easily afford the bag. She did, in fact, buy four more on the very day of the post. 

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Cardi said that white celebrities are never questioned about what they can afford. 

Furthermore, as far as rappers devaluing brands, she said that was absolutely untrue. 

“We add value. When we mention brands in hip-hop, they actually go up,” she said. “When I did ‘Bodak Yellow,’ you can Google it: Sales of Louboutin went up a 1000 percent.” 

The song generated $4.5 million in media value for the luxury shoe brand. 

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“Hip-hop, we start trends,” the “WAP” rapper declared. 

She questioned the inherently racist tone of the topic, saying that there are a lot of Black and Hispanic women who can afford luxury items: “There’s a lot of boss ass bitches out here.” 

“There’s realtors, publicists, doctors, dentists,” she noted. “A lot of Instagram models are getting $20,000 a f**king post.”

“Don’t ever feel like you have to compare yourself,” Cardi told her fans. “Don’t compare yourself to anybody on the internet. That’s okay … you still a bad f**king bitch.” 

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