Trump mob steals laptop belonging to Pelosi’s Aide during Capitol riots

The hardware was reportedly used for presentations

A laptop belonging to the aide of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was stolen during the violent breach of the U.S Capitol on Wednesday. 

The laptop was reportedly used for presentations according to a tweet from Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff. It was taken from a conference room by members of the angry Pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol bulding on Jan. 6, in effort to “Stop the Steal” at the urging of President Donald Trump.

“A laptop from a conference room was stolen,” Hammill tweeted Friday. “It was a laptop that was only used for presentations.” 

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The theft reportedly does not pose a great cybersecurity threat as the stolen laptop of Democratic Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley, and House Rep. Jim Clyburn, who also had his iPad snatched by the domestic terrorists, The Hill reports.

“Once intruders have physical access to a system, the game is over,” security researcher Jackie Singh, who was a cybersecurity expert for president-elect Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, told Business Insider. “The safest thing to do once it’s been out of physical custody is to wipe it.”

Meanwhile, the self-described “nationalist” seen sitting at Pelosi’s desk in viral photos has been arrested and charged with three federal counts for raiding the government building, theGRIO reported.

Prior to joining the Trump mob, Richard Barnett, 60, went on several Facebook rants, including talks on his death, per The Washington Post. In one post, he wrote: “I am white. There is no denying that. I am a nationalist. I put my nation first. So that makes me a white nationalist,” Barnett then added, “get the f— out of our nation.”

In another post he noted, “This is OUR COUNTRY!!! Can you give one day from the Internet or work or whatever to be active, get the f— up people. Please STAND!!! If not now, when?”

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Pelosi’s office was desecrated a week after her home was vandalized with graffiti and a pig’s head. A photo of the crime was posted on Twitter by Maggie VanderBerghe — see below.

In the photo, the garage door of the California representative was spray painted black with the words “c rent,” “$2K,” a capital “A” with a circle, similar to the universal logo for anarchy, and the sentence “We Want Everything!”

Audrey Carlson, one of Pelosi’s neighbors, called the cowardly act counterproductive. “I don’t think that this is a useful way to go about it and it’s a terrible start to this new year, when we are hoping for less anger and hatred than we’ve had to deal with for the last year,” Carlson told KPIX-TV.

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