‘Couple Goals’ is a game show you’ve never seen before

The new show, airing on theGrio.TV puts couples on the hot...well, actually the Love Seat, to answer questions about their relationship and pop culture

Couple Goals is a new game show created and hosted by Nancy Redd that airs on theGrio.TV. In this exciting competition, couples go head-to-head, answering intimate questions to prove how much they know about their significant other.

In the premiere episode, we meet two couples, Jasmine and Cadre from Columbia, South Carolina, and Kornilus and Jamille from Washington, D.C. Their relationships are tested when the couples are challenged to rack up points in three different fun categories, from sitting in the Love Seat answering rapid-fire questions to the risky round of ‘For Better or Worse.’

The show’s third round, called ‘Cultured Couples,’ is the most difficult, but the option of multiple-choice questions may help jog the contestant’s memories.

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Each couple receives a ‘Love Score’ for each challenge, and the couple with the highest overall score will win the official Couple Goals title and a fabulous prize package of romantic items from Black-owned businesses.

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Nancy Redd hosts the new Grio.TV show “Couple Goals.”

To start off the challenge, Jasmine, 23, and Cadre, 24, who’ve been together for three years, sat in the Love Seat.

Cadre was asked, “Who is Jasmine’s favorite family member?” He quickly responded with the correct answer that her sister was her favorite family member.

Jasmine made it clear that she and Cadre are super close and that it would take a lot to stump them. They correctly answer a series of intimate questions, including naming River Walk as the location of their first date. However, when it comes to their knowledge of pop culture, Jasmine and Cadre didn’t fare as well.

Kornilus, 23, and Jamille, 24 said they had experienced a few rough patches in their relationship but had persevered with love and loyalty. Kornilus incorrectly said Wanda Sykes was Jamille’s favorite comedian, instead of the correct answer, Melissa McCarthy. But Jamille gave a correct answer about their conflict style when he said that Kornilus walks off when he gets angry.

They both stumbled when it came to answering which of the pair said, “I love you” first. And the couple admitted they needed to brush up on their pop culture knowledge when they incorrectly responded to several questions in that round.

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Tune in to see which couple won!

The grand prizes included Stuyvesant champagne and a sensual candle from Shai Lights, both Black-owned companies.

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