RHOSLC: 5 Most Shocking Truths About Mary Cosby

The First Lady is a breakout star from the hit Real Housewives series

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) is coming to a close after an entertaining and popular debut season. From feuds about “smelling like a hospital” to tense sit downs in hot spring baths in Utah, RHOSLC quickly developed its own identity among the longstanding Real Housewives franchise.

As the inaugural season comes to a close, no one stands out more from the group of ladies than Mary Cosby. The sole Black member of the cast, Cosby has made headline after headline since the premiere of the series. Here are five of the most shocking truths fans have learned this year about the one and only Mary Cosby.

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Mary Cosby Image:Bravo

She hates hospital smell

Yes, the most quoted phrase from a Real Housewives show this year came from this rookie on her first episode ever, and for good reason. At the start of their season-long feud, Jen Shah revealed to viewers that after spending all day with her aunt, Cosby told her, “she smelled like hospital.” Cosby confirmed in an interview later that even months after filming, she doesn’t regret saying it and “I would say it again.”

Cosby and her husband Robert Sr. do not sleep in the same bed

Revealed on last night’s part 2 of the reunion, Cosby revealed that she sleeps in a separate bed from her husband, who is famously her step-grandfather. She told Andy Cohen that she “absolutely” thinks she’s still in love with her husband, but that they haven’t had sex in “the last few years.”

Mary Cosby Robert Cosby Sr.
Robert Cosby Sr. and Mary Cosby (Bravo)

She doesn’t get her money from her church

In an interview with ET, Cosby explained exactly where her money comes from and clarified that it doesn’t come from her church. She explained that she has her own businesses, including a printing business, that pays for all of those designer clothes and bags she rocks on the show.

She revealed in the interview, “But it’s not like I just have money coming out of the walls…these [designer] things that I have are collector pieces.”

Her grandmother didn’t have a marriage clause in her will

While many have speculated that there may have been written documents from her grandmother that led to the decision to marry her step-grandmother, Cosby says that was not the case. When Cohen asked for written proof, Cosby revealed, “No, there’s no receipts…well, my grandmother told me for herself that she wanted me to take her place.”

She explained, “So basically, Robert Sr. was 20 years younger than my grandmother…my grandmother felt like she robbed his youth and so she said, ‘If something ever happens, I want you to marry one of my girls because I know they’ll be loyal to you and treat you good like you treated me.’”

She prefers light-skinned men

In a shocking statement in last night’s reunion, Cosby revealed to Cohen that Black guys, “aren’t her taste.”  A puzzled Cohen then asked her, “do you prefer white guys…I mean you’re married to a Black guy.” Cosby then said, “Well, he’s white…I mean…he’s lighter.”

After the confusing exchange, Cosby finished the segment saying she is attracted to, “lighter guys.” Earlier in the season, Shah alleged that Cosby told her she is “afraid to go into a 7-Eleven when there are guys standing outside,” to which Cosby denied saying she meant Black people. 

Tune in to Bravo next Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST to watch Part 3 of the RHOSLC reunion.

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