‘What’s In It For Us’ talks Black environmental concerns

Tune in as our hosts discuss the woes of the Democratic party, the migrant crisis at the border, and the fact that Mississippi and Flint still don't have safe water

In continuance of  Women’s History Month, the What’s In It For Us? podcast is proud to feature all femme guest hosts for the entire month of March. Joining Dr. Christina Greer this week is the host of the Woke AF podcast, Danielle Moodie-Mills

Tune in as our hosts discuss the woes of the Democratic party, the migrant crisis at the border, and the fact that Mississippi and Flint still don’t have safe water. While we’re asking the big questions and looking to policy and time for changes, the never-ending question remains: what’s in it for us?

“When you decide to side with white supremacists and beat us down, you are giving them the green light to do in actuality,” says Moodie-Mills.

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In Jackson, Mississippi, “thousands of residents” have yet to have clean water since the winter storms. The water shortage is occurring with the backdrop of crumbling infrastructure. Dr.Greer notes that Black people in this country, especially those who live in cities, aren’t doing much better than some citizens of countries in the Global South.

“We’ve been leaders of the environmental justice movement,” says Dr. Greer to Moodie-Mills about the Black community.

The idea that the United States is “not a third world country” is not only debatable, it’s racist. Especially in comparison to how Black American communities are underfunded, mismanaged, and quite often forgotten in policy. 

“What’s unfortunate about our democracy is that your voice is equated to how much money you have and what tax bracket you’re in,” says Moodie-Mills. 

Jackson, Mississippi Struggles With Lack Of Water 3 Weeks After Winter Storms
JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – MARCH 07: Volunteers help to distribute water at a water and food distribution drive held by College Hill Baptist Church and the World Central kitchen on March 07, 2021 in Jackson, Mississippi. Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

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Both Dr. Greer and Moodie-Mills say that we, every single individual in this country, are dying from whiteness. Period. When it comes to democracy under the Democratic party, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is not looking too good, our hosts say.

Dr. Greer claims that he “needs friends” politically to help him survive “his many pandemics.” At least seven women have accused him of inappropriate sexual misconduct and he’s been accused of “cooking the books” in relation to nursing home deaths from COVID-19. 

U.S. border agents have detained over 100,000 migrants since February. There’s an increasing number of children arriving at the border without parents or guardians. The most unfortunate situation is that these children are not safe under these corrections and facilities, experience physical and/or psychological abuse. What do we do with the generational trauma to these children? What happens to them when they become adults?

“It’s a Wild Wild West out there. What happens to [migrant kids] when they turn 18?” says Moodie-Mills.

We need to protect the most vulnerable individuals in this country, citizens or not.

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