Tucker Carlson slams Barack Obama for saying recent shootings were motivated by ‘racism and misogyny’

The Fox News host slams the former president for his comments on gun violence

Tucker Carlson has never been a fan of Barack Obama but this week the Fox News host accused the former president of being “a racial arsonist” during his broadcast, due to comments he made about the recent shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado.

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Tuesday evening, during the opening monologue for his show, Carlson responded to Obama’s public statements on Monday’s mass shooting in Colorado that left 10 people dead. He opined that Obama “took a break from becoming one of the richest men in the world” to weigh in on the tragedy and characterized the former president as someone seeking to use discussions of race as a way to divide the nation.

“More than any other contemporary American leader, Barack Obama is a racial arsonist,” said Carlson. “He emerges at our most vulnerable moments to deepen the wounds that divide us. He sows hate.”

He then asked his audience, “Why does Barack Obama do this? Well, it would take a psychiatrist to answer that question fully, though it seems obvious that deep loathing of some kind plays a role. It must play a role.”

He then concluded by alleging that Obama “managed to divide Americans a little more than they were yesterday, and so from his perspective, mission accomplished.”

Carlson, and many conservative “talking heads” are upset because Tuesday, Obama – who was often critiqued by the Black community for not speaking about race more radically during his presidency – issued a statement about the Colorado shooting that very pointedly called out both racism and misogyny for emboldening the violent attacks.

As theGrio previously reported, the former president took to Twitter to release a copy of his statement with a caption, reading, “A once-in-a-century pandemic cannot be the only thing that slows mass shootings in this country. It’s time for leaders everywhere to listen to the American people when they say enough is enough.”

In the statement, Obama shares that he and wife Michelle are grieving with the families of the victims, along with the families of the people killed in Atlanta the week before.

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The statement goes on to say, “Because in addition to grief we are feeling a deep and familiar outrage that we as a nation continue to tolerate this kind of random acts day in and day out without taking any significant action.”

“In so many ways, our lives may soon start to return to normal after a long, difficult year filled with so much loss. But in a normal life, we should be able to buy groceries without fear. We should be able to go to school, or go out with friends, or worship together without mentally planning our escape if someone shows up with a gun,” Obama continues.

He adds, “We should be able to live our lives without wondering if the next trip outside our home will be our last. We should. But in America, we can’t.”

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