‘Dear Culture’ ready to spring forward to better weather and mental health

Hosts Shana Pinnock and Gerren Keith Gaynor talk relationships, viral internet moments and mental health,

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It’s officially a new day with the spring equinox unfolding and temperatures lifting. With new weather comes new ideas, and this week, the Dear Culture podcast is springing forward.

From relationships, viral internet moments, to mental health, hosts Shana Pinnock and Gerren Keith Gaynor ask the question: “Dear Culture now that spring has sprung what will the rest of the year hold?”

Recently, Saweetie and Quavo’s breakup had the internet on fire. TMZ’s release of footage depicting a physical altercation between the rappers had theGrio‘s hosts feeling appalled. Pinnock notes that, although fans don’t know what led up to the incident, “it’s gross and disgusting” to put your hands on an individual you’re dating. 

“Violence is not a part of the ups and downs of a relationship. Once it gets physical, all parties need to walk the hell away, and seek therapy,” Pinnock explains. “You need to address your own lack of empathy. I say this all the time, y’all need therapy.”

Both Gaynor and Pinnock look forward to getting vaccinated and enjoying time outside as the weather heats up. The hosts share that they are particularly looking forward to having “more experiences that were robbed” from them during 2020.

Gaynor notes that he experienced “cabin fever” last year, and decided to travel throughout the U.S. to combat it. Noting that he’s “very careful” and “plans on being careful,” Gaynor reminds us all that we can enjoy the moment, self improve, and stay safe. 

(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET).

Last year, hot girl summer was all the rage and now, Chet Hanks is calling for a “white boy summer.” TheGrio‘s hosts note that “white boys are gonna white boy,” but recent news about Hanks has the pair shaking their heads.

A video recently surfaced depicting a physical altercation between Hanks and his former girlfriend, Kiana Parker. Parker claimed that Hanks has been physically and verbally abusive, while Hanks has denied the allegations. As the news develops, Dear Culture reminds us that white allyship remains both real and questionable at the same time.

“Even when you might think someone could be possibly be an ally, you peel back a the layers and you discover, he’s another ol’ white man,” says Gaynor about Hanks. “What a waste of a fine man.”

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