Black father goes viral for slamming critical race theory

"It doesn't matter if you're Black or white or any color," his daughter said

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This week, a Black father has gone viral after posting a video with his young daughter slamming critical race theory and those who want to have it taught in schools.

Kory Yeshua,
Kory Yeshua (Photo: Tiktok)

In the video that was initially posted on TikTok last month, Kory Yeshua, who lives in Riverside County, California, warned that progressives were pushing to teach young children how to judge each other based on their skin color. 

As his 6-year-old daughter Royalty looked on, the staunchly conservative father, whose social media accounts are full of videos denouncing Democrats, said that teaching his children to work hard for what they want was a much more responsible approach than blaming adversity on racism.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 60,000 times across TikTok and Instagram since it was posted on May 19, Yeshua is seen telling his daughter, “Daddy teaches you that you can be anything in this world that you wanna be. Doesn’t daddy teach you that?”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or white or any color,” his daughter responds.

“How we treat people is based on who they are and not what color they are,” Yeshua added before the little girl then chimed in, “And if they’re nice and smart.”

“See, this is how children think right here. Critical race theory wants to end that. Not with my children, it’s not going to happen,” he explains to the camera. “My baby is going to know that no matter what she wants to be in life, all she has to do is work hard and she can become that. We need to stop CRT. Period. Point blank. Children do not see skin color. They love everybody. If they’re good people, they love them.”

After the clip went viral, the audio on the original TikTok post was removed, although a copy of the video remains on Yeshua’s Instagram page. 

“It’s just always the same thing, trying to teach black and white kids that they are separate,” he explained in an interview with the Daily Mail. “We have got enough to worry about in America, we do not need to be teaching kids that they are oppressors or oppressed based on the melanin content of their skin.”

“The audio was taken off the story yesterday, after it started to blow up,” Yeshua told the publication. “I don’t know what happened – I haven’t heard anything about it being a copyright issue. I have used that music in the background of other posts, and it’s all over TikTok.”

When as about what sparked his aversion to critical race theory, he cites an incident that took place after his daughter was shown a video about Jim Crow in school.

“About four months ago, my daughter was shown a video about segregation by her teacher,” he explained. “I had to have a conversation with her about race after, and would have preferred to have been able to choose when to do that myself. I had a word with the principal, who was very understanding.”

Previously, Yeshua has posted videos about the Black Lives Matter movement, opining that it advocates for the “destruction of America and the destruction of our families.”

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