Cell phone video released of Kansas City police fatally shooting Malcolm Johnson

"What I saw was an execution," said Rev. Darron Edwards after reviewing the video

Cell phone video has been released showing the fatal shooting of Malcolm Johnson by Missouri police in March. 

Johnson, 31, was shot and killed inside a BP gas station convenience store on March 25 during a confrontation with Kansas City police, KSHB News reports.

The incident occurred at 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue. The Highway Patrol said when officers attempted to arrest Johnson, he resisted and tried to bolt and it led to a struggle. According to KCTV5, Johnson was wanted for an earlier shooting.

During the scuffle, “the suspect retrieved his handgun and fired,” wounding an officer in the leg, said Sgt. Andy Bell. Johnson was killed when that officer returned fire.

The newly released video of the incident shows officers struggling to detain Johnson on the ground. Male voices can be heard in the background talking about the confrontation before several gunshots are heard.

In the video, it is unclear who fired the shots.

Trigger Warning: Video footage depicts deadly police violence.


The footage shows Johnson chest down on the floor with several officers holding him, so his family is giving the side-eye to the official report that he was able to shoot a cop from that position. Johnson’s family suspects the officer was hit by a bullet that ricocheted from another cop’s gun.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is handling the investigation, and claims it has multiple videos of the deadly encounter. 

“What you’re dealing with is six individual officers struggling in a very violent confrontation in just milliseconds with a gun that goes off,” said retired FBI agent Chuck Stephenson, “and each one of those officers has a perception of their level of inanimate danger.”

After reviewing the recently released clip, Stephenson said it’s impossible to tell who shot the officer. “At this point you don’t know, I mean I couldn’t see because it was all covered up,” he said.

“The mysteries that hold this all together is the ballistics report,” Stephenson added. “What weapon had fired, what projectile hit who, when did they get it, what was the perception of the officer’s minds when the round went off. It could have been friendly fire that injured the officer.”

The officers were not outfitted with body cam footage at the time Johnson was killed.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

“We have received videos from witnesses and community members for our review. We are closely analyzing this information.

“A part of our review will be an evaluation of any discrepancies between the original accounting of this event and the actual evidence, including any video evidence. Our job requires us to gather as many facts as we can and to use those facts to determine if charges are appropriate under Missouri law. In order to do that, a full and neutral investigation is necessary. Our duty requires we hold all accountable, no matter their position or power.

“We are also evaluating our processes to determine how we might further engage with community to gain these necessary facts.”

“What I saw was an execution,” said the Rev. Darron Edwards, lead pastor at United Believers Community Church. He believes the KCPD has “not told the truth” about the shooting.

“I think they are just so used to bending the truth,” he said.

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