Tyrese Gibson reveals how he, Dwayne Johnson ended feud in a ‘real way’

"I think we’re both better men on the other side of all that stuff that went down,” Gibson shared in a recent interview

Singer turned actor Tyrese Gibson let it be known again that his feud with former Fast & Furious co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the past.

In an interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s guest host Tiffany Haddish released on Monday, Gibson opened up about how he reconnected with Johnson.

“Now, how are things between you and The Rock, you good?” Haddish asked Gibson on the show.

Gibson answered, “We’ve been on the phone every other day.”

“Good, not yelling at each other?” Haddish jokingly asked. 

“Not yelling, that’s all done,” Gibson responded as the crowd chuckled. “Yeah, we’ve reconnected in a real way, man. I think we’re both better men on the other side of all that stuff that went down.”

The crown applauded the progress as Gibson spoke about their relationship. 

Tyrese Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson thegrio.com
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Tyrese Gibson attend Universal Pictures’ “Furious 7” premiere on April 1, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

“And to be honest with you, did not know when or how the phone call was gon’ happen, but it did happen, and we about 20 phone calls in, and we’re in competition right now on who can leave the longest voice note,” Gibson shared. 

Apparently they’ve been regularly leaving brotherly voice notes for each other.

“’I’m going to make this short and sweet brother, because your last voice note was about six minutes long so I’m not going to make it that long,’” Gibson joked about Johnson’s messages, chuckling and adding that he would be ten minutes into the voice note.

This is not the first time Gibson’s opened up about the one-time feud between the two.

As theGrio previously reported last December, years after a rather public fall out, Gibson revealed that he buried the hatchet with Johnson during an interview on Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz.

During the conversation, Gibson shared that he and Johnson called a truce last year following a lengthy heart-to-heart conversation that allowed them to finally let bygones be bygones.

“Here’s the thing, and I actually said this about The Rock, me and The Rock peaced up by the way, we talked for four hours about three weeks ago,” Gibson recalled. “Yeah, we talked. We did at least four hours, it was great.”

Tyrese thegrio.com
Tyrese Gibson attends “The Road to F9” Global Fan Extravaganza at Maurice A. Ferre Park on January 31, 2020 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The rift initially began after Gibson accused The Rock of being selfish for signing on to do a spin-off movie that had a shooting schedule that pushed back the release date of Furious 9.

At the time, Gibson took several personal shots at Johnson on social media but now he admits,  “What’s interesting about The Fast & The Furious is it’s not about any of us individually. See we’re like the UN at this point. It’s just like, we kinda, everyone gets to go to the theater and say ‘He and she looks like me.’”

For longtime fans, this is resolution is a long time coming given that in 2018, the actor was already admitting that he felt remorse about how he treated Johnson.

“I found myself being the messenger on behalf of various people associated to the franchise, but stupid me was the only one who went public about those feelings, which is my own fault,” Gibson conceded during a sit down with TMZ‘s Van Lathan on Lathan’s The Red Pill podcast. “It’s not professional, it’s not cool.”

“I don’t really recall anything that [Johnson] either said directly or subliminally being as big a deal as the way I was going at him which was not cool,” Gibson explained.

“There’s a way of going about communicating and dealing with issues. There’s issues on all movie sets and TV shows. I do regret those psych meds and letting that stuff influence me. It’s like being drunk, you gotta say exactly how you feel and you’re not in your right state of mind.”

theGrio’s Blue Telusma contributed to this story.

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