Calif. man arrested after being found with racist manifesto, arsenal of weapons

"We prevented a tragedy from happening," authorities said.

A California man was stockpiling an arsenal of weapons to “wipe out” Black, Hispanic, and Jewish people until he was busted by police in Santa Clara County. 

Wesley Charles Martines, 32, of Los Gatos, is facing multiple felonies, including possession of assault weapons, multiple silencers, drugs, and the makings of a pipe bomb, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said in a press release.

He was busted last week after a business owner saw Martines on his security camera and called authorities. 

Farukh Mamedov, owner of Revv Auto Sales at 60 E. Sunnyoaks Avenue in Campbell, told officers that Martines was looking into cars and a storage shed.

“So the guy came in, he lifted up the cover off the car, and then he went out back and started searching for things, he’s kind of just prowling around,” said Farukh Mamedov, owner of Revv Auto Sales in Campbell, as reported by NBC News.

By the time officers responded to the scene, Martines had left. But it wasn’t long before they spotted his truck and stopped him.

A search of the vehicle uncovered body armor, heroin, methamphetamine and the makings of a pipe bomb, per the report. Martines was also in possession of several illegal assault weapons including two AR-style rifles and bullets inscribed with phrases such as ‘Cop Killer, ‘To a widow from the Grim Reaper’ and ‘A Good Start,’ according to officials. 

“So his demeanor throughout the interaction, I would describe as calm. He was not confrontational with us. However, on our initial approach during the traffic stop, the fill-in officer observed one of the AR-15 style assault rifles out in the passenger seat,” said Campbell police captain Ian White.

Law enforcement also found a racist manifesto inside his vehicles. The journal outlined his plot to exterminate those he deemed to be the undesirables of society. The manifesto contained racist and anti-Semitic writings, as well as Martines’ plan to dress up as a sporting goods employee and “tie everybody up,” inside the store. 

Mamedov is being hailed a hero for expressing his suspicions.

“Good thing I was up, I was able to call it in. Think we prevented a tragedy from happening,” said Mamedov.

“Great reporting by a witness, and a really heads up spot by our officers. A great stop and great investigation. Lives were saved. Inevitably, lives were saved,” said White.

On Tuesday, Martines was arraigned and a judge remanded him on $300K bail, according to the report.

“This resident is a hero for contacting the police. Campbell police did an outstanding job by responding immediately, and stopping this guy,” said Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

“We don’t know at this point, what was driving this person to have these thoughts, and to want to commit these terrible crimes. We’ll hold him accountable, and hopefully get him the help that he needs if, if that’s appropriate,” said Rosen.

Martines faces up to five years and four months in prison if convicted on all charges. His next court appearance is July 21.

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