Lil’ Kim claps back at 50 Cent after he compares her to leprechaun

Earlier this week, 50 Cent posted a short TikTok video of Lil' Kim dancing juxtaposed with an image of a leprechaun.

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Rap beef is pretty common, and fellow emcees Lil’ Kim and Curtis 50 Cent” Jackson have been clashing for a while. This week, the Queen Bee fired back at the rapper/TV producer after he posted a short TikTok video of her dancing juxtaposed with an image of a leprechaun. 

In the Instagram clip posted earlier this week, Jackson wrote, “I’m sorry, I know it’s early but I don’t know why sh*t like this is funny to me. LOL.” 

Rap veteran Lil’ Kim (left) had some choice words for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (right) after the fellow MC compared her to a leprechaun. (Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images and Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Later in the day, Kim replied in the comments, writing, “Ur so obsessed wit me this is getting creepy. Yarnnnn this one ain’t it bro not funny at all I was hoping to laugh wit you but cornyyyy. Booooo! U falling off I’m too bad and too fly in this video u reaching now but we all know whyyy.” 

“Can we say obsessed with Kimmie much!” she continued. “Lmao keep em coming boo boo only let me know I’m on ur brain 24/7. I love it! Dm me next time I’ll send u exclusives cause you madd late!”

Lil’ Kim actually revealed that she’s seen the old meme before, saying: “This meme been out months ago so u searched for this, u probably made it lameeeeee.”

The Junior Mafia member added, “Get off my pu**y Curtis. Ps. Why do I feel like I’m in a lesbian quarrel didn’t kno I had a girlfriend named Curtis awwww somebody crushin hard we’ll get thru this babes.” 

She had the last laugh by taking the opportunity to plug her new book, The Queen Bee: Memoirs of Lil’ Kim, with author Kathy Iandoli.

Jackson deleted the original video, and then reposted it, this time with the caption, “All I said was i thought this was funny,” with a shrug and laughing emoji. 

The beef between the two rappers goes all the way back to at least 2005.

In an interview with Associated Press before the Queen Bee entered a federal prison to serve a perjury sentence of one year-and-a-day, she said, “I can’t front. I don’t have a lot of respect for 50 Cent because his music is hardcore … violent. And I love his music sometimes, but I feel like in his personal life, his real life, he carries that on, and that’s not a great message, you know what I mean? I think he promotes it.”

When asked about the beef between the two, she said: “How can a man have beef with a woman? Whatever, that’s just not cool.” 

The Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim’s candid memoir, will be released on Nov. 2.

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