Jessica Betts and Niecy Nash on working together for Betts’ new music video

Nash directed and starred in Betts' brand new music video for her song, "We Drip"

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Jessica Betts’ music video for her new song, “We Drip,” features one of her most exciting collaborations yet: with her wife, Niecy Nash. 

The couple works together in front of and behind the camera. Nash is the star and co-director of the video. TheGrio spoke with the couple about their creative process, how the idea for the visual came about, and their favorite part of working together.

“Working with my wife is like not working at all,” Betts discloses. 

94th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet
Jessica Betts (left )and Niecy Nash attend the 94th Annual Academy Awards on March 27 at Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

This is evident in the “We Drip” video, which relies heavily on the chemistry between the two. The infectious R&B song contains lyrics that speak about dedication to one’s lover, a fitting sentiment for a married couple: Come near / intertwine / Figures in the moonlight / Loving this view / This view

Nash is the teacher to Betts’ student in the video, which in actuality is a dream sequence. “Hey, no sleeping in my class!” Nash yells, shaking a startled Betts awake. There are also scenes of them inside their home dancing together. It came together “beautifully,” Betts recalls.

“We have a groove,” Betts continues. “Gracefully, we came together. You know, you put two creative people together – it’s like that gift and beautiful challenge that comes together. I’m super, super passionate; she’s a perfectionist; she’s a boss; she knows what she wants … but she’s damn good at it!” 

Nash, while also praising Betts and her partner’s work ethic, teases that Betts “fired” her at one point during the shoot.

“She’ll give you her side and say that I fired her,” Betts says.

“You did fire me,” Nash counters. “I got fired!” Then, “Listen, I have a temperamental artist on my hands! She’s very, very passionate but also controlling. If you saw the video, you saw there was a pole dancer in it … I could’ve got on the pole, but somebody was hating!” 

Niecy Nash And Wife Jessica Betts Celebrate Their Essence Magazine Cover
Niecy Nash (left) and Jessica Betts at the Essence Magazine cover celebration on Feb. 27 at 1010 Wine and Events in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images)

It is obvious that underneath the playful teasing is nothing but respect and love for each other as partners and artists.

Nash asserts, “This is a creative genius right here,” referring to her spouse. “All I had to do was help bring it all together.” 

And in doing so the collaboration was an opportunity for them to spend more time together. According to Betts, that was “absolutely a cherry on top.”

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