Three Jordan Peele films featured in VR experiences for Meta Horizon Worlds

Virtual worlds based on Peele's "Get Out," "Us" and "Nope" will be available for Meta Quest 2 users.

The movies of Jordan Peele will now be part of the virtual reality world. Meta announced a partnership with the Oscar-winner’s Monkeypaw Productions to create a VR environment available on Horizon Worlds for the Oculus.

The first release of the new partnership starts July 12 with “Monkeypaw Productions: All Aboard.” Available on Meta Quest 2 headsets, this is a multi-world VR environment equipped with a train set that will allow players to ride and then explore themed cabins full of Easter eggs to be found from the three films Peele directed, “Get Out,” “Us” and “Nope.”

Provided by Meta.

Players can move on to “NOPE World: Monkeypaw Productions,” and once there, competitors will be able to play games, interact with other VR visitors, and enjoy other interactive elements involving the film “Nope,” which opens July 22. “NOPE World: Monkeypaw Productions” and “Monkeypaw Productions: All Aboard” are free to download starting Tuesday.

“Nope” will star Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. The horror film’s plot is centered on the inhabitants of Haywood Ranch, a California property, and an unidentified flying object. With the release of “Nope” still more than a week away, “NOPE World: Monkeypaw Productions” will be a spoiler-free experience.

Matt Torres, Samantha Nunoo and Ashley Briley were part of the diverse team that helped create the Monkeypaw Productions VR experiences for Horizon Worlds.

Still image from “NOPE World: Monkeypaw Productions” VR experience for Meta Quest 2. Provided by Meta.

“Monkeypaw has been great at providing feedback and helping us bring in details from the movie,” Torres said in a statement. “We’ve watched the trailers so many times and got to bring in elements that we loved. Meta has also been key in helping us hone in on ideas for the world. It’s a great place to hang out and experience what it’s like being at Haywood Ranch.”

Soon to follow will be other VR experiences based on Peele’s previous two films, in the forms of “Get Out World: by Monkeypaw Productions” and “Us World: by Monkeypaw Productions.” Both will be available later in the summer.

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