Law Roach is releasing his rage

Newly retired stylist Law Roach shared how rage has fueled some of his life choices at a wellness event celebrating Netflix’s new hit dramedy “Beef.”

Much like the characters in Netflix’s new dramedy “Beef,” about two people who become entangled with one another following a road rage incident, Law Roach knows a thing or two about rage. 

Ahead of the dramedy’s release last weekend, Roach attended a “Beef”-themed wellness event called the “Release Your Rage” retreat. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the event involved mindfulness exercises — including plant therapy, meditation, sound baths, wellness refreshments such as kombucha, and discussions around rage.

Law Roach BEEF on Netflix Black mental health
Law Roach attends Netflix’s BEEF “Release Your Rage” Event at Lombardi House on April 5, 2023, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

When asked the craziest thing he had ever done in a fit of rage by the event’s moderator, Anthony Allen Ramos, Roach replied, “Quit my job.” 

“It was the rage I had I had with myself. I think that I’ve given so much of me to my clients and to my career and to my success that I don’t know really when the last time I was a priority for me. At that moment [when I announced my retirement], I had some things that happened, but I wasn’t mad at everybody on the outside. I was mad at myself. I figured out that I didn’t love myself. All of my rage was internal,” Roach reportedly told the crowd, also stating that he has no beef with anyone. 

During the event, Roach spoke directly with THR and expanded on his retirement announcement and his feelings toward rage. Roach told the outlet he accepted the invitation to attend the retreat because it was an opportunity to support his current healing journey. 

“My announcement to retire is still very, very new, very recent, and I’m still going through the healing process. I’m going through all these kind of different stages of grief, honestly. The stage I’m in now is uncertainty,” he said. 

Beyond moving into a creative director role for longtime client Zendaya, the next phase of Roach’s career is very much still to be determined. Since announcing his retirement nearly a month ago, Roach has said he’s been exploring many different potential paths. When speaking with THR at the retreat, he added that he’s even considering work for production companies. 

He also got real with the outlet about embracing his healing journey and being new to stress management. 

“I’m on this voyage to learn and figure out who I really am and figure out what makes me happy and how to de-stress. Right now, the stress has subsided because I don’t have the work, you know, but it’s just more about managing anxiety than anything. I think that comes from knowing that I really made the right decision,” he said, adding that it’s all a process.

Roach may want to add “accidental mindfulness guru” to that list of potential future paths. 

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