Lizzo claims her status as ‘the beauty standard’ 

In an Instagram video, award-winning artist Lizzo celebrates her “perfect face and rockin body” — and tells naysayers to "catch up."

Lizzo is feeling herself! 

In a raw and unfiltered video posted to Instagram over the weekend, the Grammy-winning artist continued to boost body positivity as she expressed love and appreciation for herself. Rocking a cozy gray robe, a seemingly bare face, and damp, tousled hair, Lizzo took the time to showcase her entire look while confidently declaring, “I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realized? I am f**king gorgeous. I am the beauty standard. Catch up, b*tch!”

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Lizzo attends The BRIT Awards 2023 at The O2 Arena on Feb. 11, 2023, in London. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Lizzo’s message was clear: she is unapologetically herself and sets her own beauty standards. In the post’s caption, she playfully acknowledged naysayers who may feel offended by her “perfect face and rockin body,” quipping, “I’m sorry that my perfect face [and] rockin body offends you. I can’t help that I’m God’s favorite.”

The post was the latest in Lizzo’s ongoing and well-known advocacy for all things self-love; the artist and full-figured fashion icon has never shied away from calling out unrealistic beauty standards imposed on women. Earlier this year, she took to Instagram to share a powerful message about online bullying, writing, “If we had to pay money for every comment we post on social media, maybe people would think before they type.”

Dressed in a vibrant, multicolored two-piece bathing suit, Lizzo called out the endless and exhausting discourse around other people’s bodies, saying, “I have seen comments go from: ‘Oh my gosh, I liked you when you were thick. Why did you lose weight?’; to ‘Oh my gosh, why did you get a BBL [Brazilian butt lift]? I liked your body before’; to ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so big. You need to lose weight, but for your health’; to ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so little. You need to get ass or titties or something’; to ‘Oh my gosh, why did she get all that work done? It’s just too much work.'”

Lizzo made it clear that artists should not be pressured to fit into anyone’s beauty standards and instead should be free to express themselves and create their art. “And this body is art,” she proudly proclaimed as she moved her hands over her curves in the video. “And I’m going to do whatever I want with this body. I wish that comments [cost] you all money, so we can see how much time we are f***ing wasting on the wrong thing. Can we leave that s**t back there, please?”

Indisputably, self-care and self-love are the core of Lizzo’s brand, not only as an artist but as an entrepreneur. Last year, the star launched Yitty by Lizzo in partnership with Fabletics. Offering loungewear, shapewear, and other lifestyle products, the brand’s goal is to have every body “feeling good as hell” by promoting size inclusivity, with an added focus on mental health and wellness. 

“I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again,” said Lizzo, per the brand’s website. 

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