Recent reports show AirTags are new means of stalking children

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TheGrio’s Eboni K. Williams details the recent reported stalkings that have occured with the aid of Apple’s AirTags.

AirTags are used can track locations in stalking cases (credit: theGrio)

Williams [00:00:00] Do you have an AirTag tracker on your luggage? Many people do use them to help them keep up with their bags. But now criminals have found a way to use them in a much more sinister way. That’s why Apple and Google are teaming up to help keep you safe. These small quarter size items were created to help you find things like your keys, bags or your wallet. And more and more, we’re hearing that they are now being used in stalking incidents. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooks Nader took to Instagram last year to share the terrifying moment that she learned that she was being stalked on a walk home alone one night in Manhattan.

Brooks Nader [00:00:41] And halfway home, I got a notification that was like “This someone’s tracking you and has been for a while.” So I freaked out, obviously. Turns out it was an AirTag, which is a tiny little white circular thing that Apple makes.

Swimsuit model Brooks Nader opens up on her IG live (credit: IG @BrooksNader)

Williams [00:00:56] Two women have sued Apple in separate cases. They’re claiming that their exes use the AirTags to track them. And there’s another case out of Indiana where a woman is accusing is accused, rather, of using an AirTag to allegedly track down and kill her boyfriend, who she suspected of cheating.

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