Black woman-owned farmer’s market now open in Minnesota

Lakeview Terrace Farmer’s Market, open Saturdays through September 23, is described as a “holistic wellness experience” by owner Chaz Sandifer.

Minnesota’s only Black woman-owned farmer’s market is about increasing access to healthy food and creating a space for wellness and community building, says owner Chaz Sandifer.

Lakeview Terrace Farmer’s Market in Robbinsdale, located six miles outside of Minneapolis, is the lone farmer’s market out of over 350 statewide owned by a Black woman — but that is not the only thing that makes it unique, as reported by WCCO.

Chaz Sandifer. (Screenshot: YouTube – African American Leadership Forum)

“Lakeview Terrace Farmer’s Market is a holistic wellness experience,” said Sandifer, a fitness instructor, wellness coach and business owner who launched the market last year to address several needs she saw in her local community.

To curb food inequity, Lakeview Terrace Farmer’s Market brings together local farmers, vendors and artisans who offer fresh produce, meat, baked goods, beverages and more, according to the outlet.

“We have a lack of food access. We have lot of food disparities and health disparities and the root cause, people don’t have the access or the knowledge to healthy food,” Sandifer said during an appearance on “The Sheletta Show” on WCCO Radio.

In addition to food, the farmer’s market offers visitors a variety of guided activities promoting health and healing, a passion of Sandifer’s that inspired her to launch her fitness and lifestyle business theNEWmpls, which aims to aid promote health for diverse populations.

She additionally hosts “Fitness Revolution with Chaz,” a weekly podcast on the podcasting platform, per WCCO.

“We have free fitness classes every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. We’ve got music, art classes with the city of Robbinsdale, cooking demonstrations and competitions and back-to-school events later in the season.” she told the outlet.

(Screenshot: YouTube – CCX Media Community News)

Sandifer added that the event is an open and inclusive space for everyone, and she hopes to see the “whole community” there.

“Someone asked me, because it’s Black-owned, can I come? I said of course,“ she told WCCO. “I want to change this narrative. Because it’s Black-owned doesn’t mean it’s just for Black people. We are creating access for everyone. We are going to have so much fun this summer!”

Lakeview Terrace Farmer’s Market, sponsored by Sandifer in partnership with the City of Robbinsdale, is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through September 23, at the intersection of Bottineau Blvd (CR 81) and Lakeland Ave.

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