High Frequency: Meet history-making musician Kathryn Bostic 

Trailblazer Kathryn Bostic is the first African-American female score composer to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

TheGrio is celebrating Black Music Month with “High Frequency,” our celebration of trailblazing Black Women in music. 

Music has the extraordinary power to transcend barriers, touch our souls, and evoke deep emotions. Within the realm of composers and musicians, Kathryn Bostic is a remarkable figure whose creative prowess has left an indelible mark on the world of film, theater, and beyond. With her impeccable ability to craft melodies that resonate with the human experience, Bostic has emerged as a trailblazing artist, inspiring countless listeners and revolutionizing the landscape of contemporary classical music. 

“I’ve always looked at the piano as a place where I can express myself,” says Bostic.

Growing up in a household immersed in diverse musical genres, she developed a deep appreciation for the power of sound and its capacity to communicate emotions.

“Music is sonic storytelling,” she boasts. “Do I consider myself a griot? Absolutely.” 

Bostic’s vast artistic range allows her to navigate various musical styles and genres effortlessly. Her versatility has enabled her to collaborate with artists from various backgrounds, including film directors, playwrights, choreographers, and renowned musicians. From scoring major motion pictures such as “Dear White People” to composing for theater productions and the award-winning documentary “Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am,” Bostic’s compositions have seamlessly merged with visual narratives, enhancing storytelling and adding depth to cinematic experiences.

Kathryn Bostic more than understands the impact of music within the visual medium (credit: theGrio)

Kathryn Bostic’s trailblazing journey as a composer and musician has cemented her status as a true pioneer in her industry. She continues to be an active composer, musician, and advocate for diversity and inclusion in entertainment; Bostic’s dedication to her craft and commitment to creating impactful music has established her as a highly respected figure in the world of composition.

When asked what’s on the horizon, Bostic gleefully responded, “As long as I’m making music, I’m a happy girl.”

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