Watch: theGrio Top 3 | Who are the Top 3 Black silver foxes in Hollywood?

These "seasoned" gentlemen are giving these youngins a run for their money. We're talking about the silver foxes in Hollywood.

There are dozens of women in Hollywood who are aging backward. Angela Bassett, Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan, just to name a few. However, we can’t leave out the fellas. There are a number of “seasoned’ men giving the youngins a run for their money. Listen in as Chelsea LeMore-Monroe and Alexandria Ikomoni name their favorite Black silver foxes in Hollywood.


LeMore-Monroe: OK. Who are the top three black silver foxes in Hollywood? That means 50 and over.

LeMore-Monroe: OK, so speaking of foxes, this is a little bit of a reach, but he’s acted a little bit, right.

LeMore-Monroe: Rick Fox.

Ikomoni: I was going to say that came to mind. 

LeMore-Monroe: Rick Fox is gorgeous. Gorgeous. He was an athlete and an actor. He’s fine.

LeMore-Monroe: No. 2, I think Jamie Foxx is really sexy.

LeMore-Monroe: He just has this cool, confident, suave, laidback type of attitude. He just seems like a guys’ guy, and just fine. 

LeMore-Monroe: And then, lastly, I want to go with Denzel.

LeMore-Monroe: He’s from around the way. He’s going to leave with something. OK. 

Ikomoni: I love it. All beautiful men. So I’m here for it.

Ikomoni: I’m going to add to the list. Idris Elba. Oh, that man. Oh. 

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: Wait. He’s over 50?

Ikomoni:  He is over 50, honey. I know. 

LeMore-Monroe: Oh, wow. I thought he was disqualified from the list. He looks good. 

Ikomoni: He has that salt-and-pepper hair, everything going for him. He is gorgeous.

Ikomoni: OK, second, and I’m going to credit this to “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Ikomoni: Method Man.

Ikomoni: That man in a suit. That man as a lawyer. Just revived the feeling. He is a gorgeous man. Look at him.

LeMore-Monroe: Your list is real sturdy. It’s making me want to reconsider mine. 

Ikomoni: I’m honestly going to put in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Ikomoni: Mm hmm. I love his look. You know the muscles. The bald head works. His demeanor. I’m a fan.

Ikomoni: And those are my three. 

LeMore-Monroe: That’s a fine list you have there girl.

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