The Blackest trend on social media: Black people dancing to the ‘Law and Order’ theme

The "Law & Order" franchise is straight up copaganda, but Black creators on TikTok have turned the theme song into a bop.

“Black folks can dance to anything.” This is as much a scientific fact as force equaling mass multiplied by acceleration or a single soul not ever going to see the Temptations for Otis. Should you not believe me, one need only look to TikTok for proof. 

While it’s unclear who initially started the trend of Black people dancing to the “Law and Order” theme, one of the earliest examples can be found from way back in 2020 by TikToker A Broadway Flop. For whatever reason, Black folks have once again started absolutely getting it to the Law and Order” theme, which, considering how hard the bassline goes, I get it — even if the franchise itself is straight up copaganda. It took no time at all for Black folks across the country to showcase how they get down when the USA Network gets it popping with a “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” marathon. 

Tiffany Tynes-Gonzales (TikTok: @itstiffyt; Instagram: miss_tiffyt) went out of her way to show “Black can dance to anything” and was one of the first to showcase her skills with a dance that evoked the mystery, danger and thrill that can only come from listening to Ice-T know stuff.

Another Tiktok who goes by the name Big Jazz came through and wasn’t lying when she said she ain’t miss a beat. It’s genuinely impressive! I didn’t realize you could get it this hard to the “Law and Order” theme. The moves really capture the feeling of realizing “Law and Order: Criminal” Intent is criminally slept on. 

The TikTok account for Wolf Entertainment, the production company behind “Law and Order,took notice of the trend and created The “Law and Order” Dance team, aka a compilation of some of the various dances.


Show us your moves! Tag us in your best #LawAndOrder dance video for a chance to be featured on our page. We’ll be sending some special gifts to a few of our favorites 🎁 #SVU #SVUDanceChallenge

♬ Law and Order Official Theme Song – Wolf Entertainment

If there’s anything we can learn from this it’s that if you ain’t throwing ass for Det. Olivia Benson, then you ain’t watching “Law and Order” correctly. 

Joe Jurado is a writer, filmmaker and occasional content creator whose work has been featured in The New York Times, The Root and G4. When not writing he’s either hanging out with his dog or ruining someone’s day in “Call of Duty.”

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