Did ‘Love is Blind’ just drop the most shocking season yet?

We can't stop thinking about Aaliyah, Uche and that jaw-dropping twist at the end of episode 3.

“Love is Blind” is back and messier than ever! The popular Netflix reality dating series has returned with the first four episodes of its fifth season, this time in Houston, Texas. While the premise remains the same (singles in separated pods date potential fiancés without seeing them), this season has one the biggest twists in the show’s history that truly left us with our jaws on the floor.

Love is Blind, Love is Blind TV show, theGrio.com, Uche Okoroha
Uche Okoroha pictured in episode 501 of “Love is Blind.” (Courtesy of Netflix)

The first four episodes are similar to seasons’ past as viewers watch the potential partners (sometimes charmingly, oftentimes awkwardly) make their way through the “experiment,” as hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey call it. By the end of the first episode, it becomes clear which singles are connecting with each other, with one couple taking center stage as they have a particularly uncomfortable exchange.

Aaliyah and Uche

Aaliyah, a 29-year-old travel nurse, and Uche, a 34-year-old lawyer, hit it off immediately. But by the end of one of their first dates, the former reveals that she cheated in a past relationship, and that gives way to the latter’s shaming campaign.

Uche absolutely has a right to process the information and recognize that detail as a red flag, but the more he asks specific details about her past experience, all of which Aaliyah divulges to him, the more he judges and shames her for something she already regrets. It seems that the more Aaliyah shows remorse and shares details the more Uche pulls away, specifically citing her dishonesty. It’s giving toxic, to say the least.

Lydia, Lydia, Lydia

After her intense conversation with Uche, Aaliyah confides in her castmate-turned-fast-friend, Lydia. From the first time we see her, the 32-year-old geologist is that rare breed of reality star we somehow can’t get enough of but have to watch through half-closed eyes. When we first meet her, it is impossible to predict what she is going to say at every turn. Yet, we are absolutely rooting for her, particularly after a rough (and ridiculously dramatic) “break-up” with another contestant in the pods, Izzy.

Lydia’s shining moment, however, comes when she swoops in to console Aalyiah after her disagreement with Uche. Sobbing in her arms, Aaliyah bares it all to her new friend, explaining in detail how her past indiscretions are affecting Uche’s view of her. Lydia immediately consoles Aaliyah, saying, “I love you” and Uche “is not the guy for you.”

Love is Blind, Love is Blind TV show, Aaliyah Cosby, Lydia Velez Gonzalez, theGrio.com
(Left to right) Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Aaliyah Cosby are shown in episode 503 of “Love is Blind.” (Courtesy of Netflix)

“Is this the guy that you really want to marry, a guy who is going to judge you this easily?” she asks. “You are so like me, that I can see this happening.” She continues to lay into Uche, saying, “He does not get to judge you! He has his own thing that he needs to resolve … [if] he doesn’t have the capacity, as smart as he is, to put things aside, that’s on him!”

At first glance, this is a powerful moment in the show, as two women come together and support each other through a turbulent time. But again, that feeling is only temporary.

Biggest twist yet

Aaliyah and Uche seem to find their way back to each other. Meanwhile, Lydia hits it off with Milton, a 24-year-old petroleum engineer, moving toward an eventual engagement with him.

Just when it seems like smooth sailing, Uche drops a major bomb on Aaliyah: Lydia is his ex! Cue the flashback, as viewers go back to the first day of the experiment, revealing unseen footage of Lydia and Uche recognizing each other’s voices in the pods because they had dated (and had just seen each other three months before joining the show). While Lydia suggests they “start from zero” and date in the pods, Uche presses that it would not be genuine because they already know what each other looks like.

Love is Blind, Love is Blind TV show, theGrio.com, Uche Okoroha
Uche Okoroha appears in episode 504 of “Love is Blind.” (Courtesy of Netflix)

Naturally, Aaliyah has an emotional reaction. After gathering herself, she assures Uche that Lydia is a good friend to her and everything will be ok after she has a “sister” moment with her. Well, Aaliyah gets that “sister” moment, and everything is not ok.

When Aaliyah tells Lydia that she knows about her past with Uche, Lydia bursts into tears. We’re talking full-blown sobbing. Next thing we know, she’s in TMI territory: going into great details about Uche’s appearance, car, apartment, dog…it’s all just too much! As if that’s not enough, Lydia reveals she slept with Uche just three months ago. 

So what now?

After the ladies’ heart-to-heart, Aaliyah is visibly freaked out, fearing there are lingering feelings between her new man and her new friend. 

Aaliyah Cosby depicted in episode 504 of “Love is Blind.” (Courtesy of Netflix)

While Uche stresses that he does not want to be with Lydia, the damage is done. When it’s time for Uche and Aaliyah to have another date, a producer informs him that his girl Aaliyah has decided to “not go forward with the experiment,” essentially quitting the show before resolving anything.

The reveal, and subsequent fallout, of Lydia revelation left us shook and wondering where the show can possibly go from here! Luckily, the rest of the episodes will roll out on Netflix this month, with episodes 5 through 7 dropping on Friday, Sept. 29, episodes 8 and 9 dropping on Friday, Oct. 6, and the finale hitting the streamer on Friday, Oct. 13.

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