Watch: Dr. Anne Beal on clean beauty skincare | Life Hacks

Dr. Anne Beal joins Life Hacks with Liana to discuss clean beauty.

We see skin and beauty products on the market classified as clean beauty but how does that impact our skin?  Dr. Anne Beal, physician-researcher and founder of Absolute Joi skincare, joins Life Hacks with Liana to break down clean beauty and ingredients found in our products.

“One of the things that is really important for us to understand, particularly as we’re talking to women of color, is that many of the products that are out there really don’t have good ingredients for us in mind,” Beal tells theGrio.It’s one of the reasons why I decided when I started Absolute Joi that we had to be clean.” 

Beal says she wanted to make sure her products didn’t have ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

“We were actually looking at dyes and fragrances as well,” Beal continues. “While there’s been good medical literature and studies to show about the impact of those other ingredients, one of the things about women of color, particularly Black women, is that we tend to have sensitive skin. So clean is not just about what’s good for our health and not causing cancer, but it’s also what’s good for our skin and makes our skin glow and that’s stuff that doesn’t create inflammation.

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