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Penfield Cemetery Georgia
August 24, 2023
Emory University is dedicated to clearing and identifying once-hidden African American gravestones at Georgia’s Penfield Cemetery.
Black woman smiling -- Dr. Darrylzette Jackson of Los Angeles Unified School District
August 11, 2023
A Los Angeles Unified School District employee has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against her boss and the district.
Wedding favor ideas
June 2, 2023
Although not always a terrible idea, certain wedding favors are preferable. Here are items guests would be just fine with receiving.
lousy wedding favors
May 29, 2023
Have you ever wondered whether or not you have or eventually will give your wedding guests the proper favor? Well, here are five to avoid.
Black herbalism healing
April 22, 2023
Black people have long depended on herbalism and the properties of plants to heal themselves and those around them.
California school district racism
Parents of students at Pepper Tree Elementary School in Upland, California, are taking legal action over alleged acts of unchecked racism.
February 2, 2023
Yasuke, the first non-Japanese person to hold the rank of samurai, is not widely known in world history.
holiday season
December 22, 2022
Here are some suggestions to help you put yourself — and your well-being — first if you find this holiday season difficult.
Thanksgiving traditions with Black families
November 22, 2022
Families across America are gearing up for another year of Thanksgiving traditions and getting ready to gobble down all the fixings.
October 16, 2022
Some 34 restrictive measures have been put in places in 19 states that make it harder for people to voter, according to the Brennan Center.
Emancipation Day
Canada celebrated its first Emancipation Day in August 2021, nearly 200 years after slavery ended and freed thousands of people.