Ayanna Pressley

Several Congressional Black Caucus members are demanding the Biden-Harris administration address racial disparities in traffic enforcement. 
/ April 13, 2023
The video shared by Al Jazeera Monday shows horses coming close to trampling children and agents harassing the Haitian migrants.
/ September 21, 2021
Rep. Cori Bush Sleeps Outside Capitol Building In Push To Extend Federal Eviction Moratorium
Rep. Cori Bush stayed on the Capitol steps overnight to protest the end of the eviction moratorium saying she’s experienced homelessness.
/ July 31, 2021
OPINION: The attention that Tessica Brown’s story received is yet another example that for Black women, hair is not simply hair.
/ February 8, 2021
Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass) appeared on CNN to reflect on her harrowing experience during the Jan. 6 attacks on Capitol Hill.
/ February 7, 2021
Sarah Groh, her chief of staff, said she, Pressley and Pressley’s husband barricaded her office entrance “with furniture and water jugs.”
/ January 13, 2021
Jon Ossoff tweeted just three words — “$2,000 checks now” — and the Rev. Raphael Warnock pressed his Senate runoff opponent for action.
/ December 24, 2020