Chris Harrison

Rachel Lindsay
After it was announced that Chris Harrison was set to leave The Bachelor franchise for good, Rachel Lindsay, the show’s
/ June 9, 2021
Rachel Lindsey
Rachel Lindsay, attorney and media personality, opened up about a frustrating moment during an appearance on The View. Lindsay recalled
/ June 5, 2021
Matt James Bachelor
Monday night was the finale of this year’s highly controversial season of The Bachelor on ABC, and Black Twitter shared
/ March 16, 2021
Rachel Lindsay
After watching The Bachelor‘s Matt James and his father have an intimate conversation on national television, former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay
/ March 9, 2021
Smirnoff and Mike Johnson Team Up To Launch New 'Will You Accept This Rosé?' Campaign
On season 15 of The Bachelorette, contestant Mike Johnson quickly became a fan-favorite in Bachelor Nation. Even after his turn
/ March 5, 2021
This week Good Morning America host Michael Strahan called out The Bachelor host Chris Harrison for issuing what he believes
/ March 4, 2021
Rachel Lindsay
After Rachel Lindsay deleted her Instagram account due to harassment from fans of The Bachelor, the popular ABC reality show’s
/ March 2, 2021