Cindy McCain

President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly expected to name Cindy McCain as his ambassador to the UK. It is unclear if she wants the position.
/ November 28, 2020
Meghan McCain John McCain Trump
Meghan McCain seemed to be throwing a little shade at the 45th president who had his issues with her father John McCain.
/ November 5, 2020
‘There’s only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation, and that is Joe Biden,’ McCain tweeted.
/ September 23, 2020
Michelle Obama Ann Romney
Ann Romney is set to join former First Lady Michelle Obama in a television special to encourage voting for the special VOMO: Vote Or Miss Out
/ September 4, 2020
An interracial Phoenix couple is on edge after the late Sen. John McCain’s wife nearly got a woman falsely arrested. They now feel they must carry proof of their biracial daughter’s identity
/ February 15, 2019
Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain widow of the late Arizona senator wound up apologizing for pointing out someone she thought was kidnapping a child, but was doing nothing of the kind
/ February 7, 2019