Meghan McCain says media should be more respectful of Trump voters

'I know people that quietly voted for Trump, that didn’t want to be shamed,' Meghan McCain remarked on her return to 'The View'

In her return to The View, Meghan McCain took the stance that the media should have an understanding of kindness towards supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump.

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In what turned into a debate, McCain announced her opinion on Trump voters and how typically Republican-leaning citizens are treated by media. The conversation evolved from a discussion on Trump’s continued efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Meghan McCain
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“They’re setting up for the inauguration right now. There’s not going to be martial law, and things like that just scare people,” McCain said on Monday.

She added, “The rhetoric and the media needs to be more respectful of Trump voters, and I think that’s how we got to this place, to begin with. And going forward in 2021, I think that we need to be respectful of the 70 million Americans that for whatever reason did not feel that they could in good faith, pull the trigger for President [Joe] Biden and Vice President [KamalaHarris.”

She was immediately met with pushback from cohosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg about the need to respect the MAGA supporters.

“Meghan, don’t you think a lot of those people are watching Fox?” Behar said. “And getting their news from sources other than legitimate sources? Come on!”

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McCain countered and said “I know people that quietly voted for Trump, that didn’t want to be shamed. That don’t want to be yelled at, that don’t want to be called racist.”

Goldberg followed up with, “He has lost. every time they’ve gone in, they’ve lost.”

She continued, “Respect the people who voted for Biden and let him take his place!” Goldberg said. “People always want respect, but they don’t want to give it … This is the bitch of being in a democratic society. This is what it is. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We lost four years ago now. He’s lost this year. You’re not allowed to kvetch and poop all over this. This is not the American way.”

theGrio reported McCain shared a post aligning Trump’s loss of her home state Arizona to the years of disrespect POTUS showed her father, John McCain. The meme she reposted from sports pundit Zach Schwartz featured a screenshot from the Michael Jordan documentary with the caption “…and I took that personally,” in response to Trump’s multiple comments.

The news report detailed the late senator’s wife and commentators mother, Cindy McCain, endorsed President-elect Biden in the 2020 presidential election despite years of being a Republican.

“There’s only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation, and that is Joe Biden,” Mrs. McCain said according to theGrio.

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During the aforementioned episode of the view, she also revealed her views on maternity leave and motherhood. This episode was her first back after giving birth to a daughter, Liberty Sage, in September. The 36-year-old shared she suffered from post-natal pre-eclampsia, which delayed her return to the show, and took the stance of joining Democrats in the push for mandatory paid maternity leave.

“I was planning on coming back to the show for the election in six weeks after I gave birth, and I was physically unable to,” she stated. “I had to have my husband and my mother-in-law help me do everything from shower to eat. It was deeply humbling.”

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