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“The State of Black America and COVID-19” warns Blacks aren’t being studied enough in trials, treatment programs and registries.
/ March 31, 2022
Reid shared videos of health care professionals saying they are overwhelmed with COVID patients who are largely unvaccinated.
/ January 11, 2022
Boosters given over the past few months will protect those vaccinated through this winter, but their effectiveness could dip by fall.
/ January 7, 2022
The Washington Post says a website will soon be established from where Americans can request test kits, and they will be mailed.
/ January 7, 2022
“Sometimes a rapid-fire could burn through very quickly,” Dr. David Ho says of the omicron variant, “but then put itself out.”
/ January 4, 2022
The Lakers legend was compelled to reprimand current NBA star James for fueling conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 vaccines.
/ December 31, 2021
The Republican governor, who’s up for reelection in 2022, has not made a public appearance in Florida since Dec. 17.
/ December 31, 2021
Deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. have climbed over the past two weeks from an average of 1,200 per day to around 1,500.
/ December 30, 2021
The number of COVID-19 cases in Washington D.C. has skyrocketed 987% over the last two weeks, according to NBC Washington.
/ December 28, 2021
Federal borrowers will have a little more time to repay students loans now that the deadline has been extended to May 1.
/ December 22, 2021
The NFL may be leading the way in how sports and business responds to COVID testing as they’ve issued new protocols.
/ December 21, 2021
President Joe Biden has announced that his administration will over 500M free rapid tests for COVID to combat the omicron variant.
/ December 21, 2021
Maryland governor Larry Hogan, a cancer survivor who is fully vaccinated announced Monday that he’d tested positive for COVID-19.
/ December 20, 2021
According to ESPN, James has taken eight more tests since entering NBA protocols Tuesday, and none has been positive.
/ December 3, 2021
The Los Angeles Lakers’ star player, who is vaccinated, didn’t suit up in Tuesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings.
/ December 1, 2021
President Cyril Ramaphosa called on countries that have enacted travel bans to “urgently reverse their decisions.”
/ November 29, 2021
Dr. Kizzy, who helped develop the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, spoke with theGrio’s April Ryan about the legal battle over its patent.
/ November 10, 2021