Daniel Cameron

If Cameron entered the governor’s race, it would create a wide open GOP contest for attorney general in Republican-trending Kentucky.
/ March 27, 2022
The Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal from Kentucky’s AG, who wants to be allowed to defend a restriction on abortion rights.
/ March 29, 2021
Breonna Taylor thegrio.com
The death of Breonna Taylor has reached its one-year anniversary and her mother is still fighting for justice for her killing.
/ March 13, 2021
The numbers have dwindled since protesters first flooded the streets for Breonna Taylor, but the push for justice hasn’t waned.
/ March 12, 2021
Rep. Stacey Plaskett passionately responded to Rep. Glenn Grothman, on the house floor for speaking against the Black family.
/ March 10, 2021
McConnell thegrio.com
Mitch McConnell is reportedly plotting his exit from politics, and he has named AG Daniel Cameron as his top replacement.
/ March 7, 2021
A legislative panel recommended Tuesday night that the Democratic governor and the Republican attorney general not face removal from office.
/ February 24, 2021