South Carolina is set to resume executions after a decade-long pause. The Palmetto State has completed a $53,600 renovation on

/ April 8, 2022

Freshman Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared to support the idea of executing prominent members of the Democratic Party in

/ January 26, 2021
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Statistics show the death penalty fading in particular regions so much so that fewer than 30 executions have taken place

/ December 17, 2019
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Remember the name Aramis Ayala. She is a black woman and a Florida prosecutor who is taking a stand against

/ March 28, 2017
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North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is accused of ordering the executions of security officials, days after allegedly ordering assassination

/ February 27, 2017
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theGRIO REPORT - This legislative action may pave the way for the number of executions to increase in the state,

/ June 7, 2013
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PARCHMAN, Miss. - Death row inmate Willie Jerome Manning will have another chance to prove his innocence in the murders

/ May 8, 2013