Executive Order

As the nation watches on while Senate Democrats head into an improbable push on Tuesday to pass federal voting rights
/ January 18, 2022
President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden made clear appeals to Black voters during his 2020 presidential campaign and decisively gained crucial support from
/ October 21, 2021
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden will unveil a series of executive actions aimed at addressing gun violence on Thursday, delivering his first
/ April 7, 2021
A new executive order from President Joe Biden directs federal agencies to take a series of steps to promote voting access, a
/ March 7, 2021
Civil Rights leaders have long sounded the alarm on racial inequality and the harmful effects of racism in essentially every
/ January 26, 2021
There is an economic hemorrhaging globally but particularly here in the United States of America. The recession is evident as
/ January 25, 2021
President Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that he had expanded his “ban” on racial sensitivity training to federal contractors.  “A few
/ September 23, 2020