Indigenous people

Maxine Waters x Trail of Tears Statue
Maxine Waters is leading efforts to get reparations for Black descendants of the enslaved on Native American reservations, starting in Tulsa.
/ October 13, 2021
Dressed in orange to support the Every Child Matters movement, the marchers also acknowledged the trauma that these schools caused.
/ July 31, 2021
More bodies may be found because there are more areas to search on the Kamloops school grounds, Chief Rosanne Casimir said Friday.
/ May 29, 2021
Descendants of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, which is at the center of the Thanksgiving tale, are fighting to reclaim what say is stolen land.
/ November 26, 2020
Marvel announced that it will release an anthology during Native American History Month. The anthology will feature Native characters.
President Donald Trump vowed to put an end to the destruction of U.S. monuments while given a speech on what the Lakota people say, is stolen land.
/ July 5, 2020
A statue of Christopher Columbus was beheaded and Confederate ones were vandalized as activists say they are symbols of racism.
/ June 10, 2020