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The comedian has already embraced her Jewish roots, and now she says she's ready to take the next steps

/ October 8, 2019
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A Black woman upset because subway riders didn’t offer up their seats as she boarded with her kids, went on

/ May 29, 2018
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theGRIO REPORT - Although he’s been deported, the former bad boy and jewish rapper Shyne, has given his opinion on

/ October 11, 2012
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theGRIO REPORT - Rapper Shyne is hoping to be granted a visa to re-enter the U.S. once he gets 25,000

/ May 30, 2012
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OPINION - Drake has managed to leverage another unique aspect of his personal identity and merge it with hip-hop: Judaism...

/ April 10, 2012
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SLIDESHOW - Their seemingly spur of the moment turns in faith often leave fans wondering if there is something mysterious

/ September 16, 2011
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JERUSALEM (AP) - "Being in Israel is just the exclamation point," he said Thursday. "This is the ultimate place to

/ November 12, 2010