Why Tiffany Haddish, in self-exploration, is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah

The comedian has already embraced her Jewish roots, and now she says she's ready to take the next steps

Comedian Tiffany Haddish, who rose to fame with her extroverted brand of comedy is now tackling a new pastime studying Hebrew so she can carry out her own bat mitzvah.

Really, it’s actually not far-fetched at all given that Haddish used to get paid for hyping up Jewish parties as the resident entertainer. The star of “Girls Trip” and “The O.G.” also has Jewish roots. Her father is a Jewish refugee who was born in the east African country of Eritrea.

“I’m going to read from the Torah and everything,” Haddish told USA Today about the upcoming ritual. “I like to expand my brain, I like to learn,” she said.

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Haddish’s dad was absent from her life growing up, according to The Jerusalem Post. After finding out that she had Jewish ancestry when she was a teen, she reconnected with him during her adult years and he was there to escort her down the aisle when she first married.

The comedian even honored her roots on the red carpet at the Oscars when she wore an Eritrean gown honoring her dad’s memory.

Haddish said she has “connected even more to the Jewish culture” in adulthood and is even holds dual citizenship with Eretria. Last year she visited the nation to bury her father.

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Hailed by Vanity Fair as “the funniest person alive right now,” in 2018, Haddish plans to chronicle her experiences and give homage to her Jewish roots, in a Netflix comedy special called “Black Mitzvah,” which will coincide with her own bat mitzvah.

Haddish also spoke about her days as a “energy producer” hostig bat Mitzahs but until now we haven’t seen much proof. However, Eric Schotz, a producer for ABC’s new revival of “Kids Say the Darndest Things” which Haddish has been tapped to host, posted a picture of the comedian rocking the crowd during a ceremony held for two of his kids.