LaToya Cantrell

The sculpture by Hank Willis Thomas, decorated with a peace sign and a clenched Black fist, is titled “All Power to All People.”
/ June 21, 2022
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell says that she was disrespected by a man who berated her at a lounge – and had to stand up for herself.
/ September 19, 2021
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced new mandates in the city that people wear face masks and all city employees get vaccinated.
/ July 31, 2021
Black women are mayors of major U.S. cities for the first time in history and theGrio’s Nadia E. Brown explains how it all came to be.
/ April 19, 2021
Due to coronavirus, The Big Easy has made it clear that any Mardi Gras celebration within its borders next year will look very different.
/ November 18, 2020
New Orleans
In an op-ed, the mayor says she wants to take a different approach to reducing the violent crime that continues to grip the New Orleans
/ August 24, 2018