Memorial Day

To drive, or not to drive? This Memorial Day weekend, with surging gas prices that are redefining pain at the
/ May 26, 2022
The declaration of Juneteenth as a federal holiday is putting the pressure on more U.S. companies to give their employees
/ June 19, 2021
A retired U.S. Army officer whose speech about freed Black slaves honoring fallen Civil War soldiers was censored by organizers of
/ June 10, 2021
Americans Honor Veterans Day
This week on What’s In For Us, we continue celebrating Pride Month with guest host and co-founder/executive director of The Black Veterans Project, Richard Brookshire.
/ June 8, 2021
The head of an American Legion post in Ohio stepped down Friday amid criticism following the decision of Memorial Day
/ June 5, 2021
An Ohio veteran mentioning the role freed Black people played in the founding of Memorial Day found his speech somewhat
/ June 3, 2021
America’s president and vice president surprised diners in the nation’s capitol when they went out to lunch on Memorial Day
/ June 1, 2021