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The Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday it is awarding $100 million in competitive grants for projects that advance environmental justice in communities disproportionately affected by industrial pollution and other hazards.
/ January 11, 2023
Residents of southern West Virginia’s McDowell County shared their stories of the challenges of living without access to safe drinking water and wastewater with the head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday.
/ December 8, 2022
Biden has championed environmental justice as a centerpiece of his climate agenda since his first week in office.
/ September 24, 2022
Black people neighborhood thegrio.com
Residents of Houston’s Fifth Ward are renewing calls for the removal of creosote, which they claim has caused cancer in their community.
/ March 1, 2022
The EPA announced a series of actions to address air pollution and other problems afflicting minority communities in three Gulf Coast states.
/ January 28, 2022
EPA Administrator Michael Regan visited residents during a trip that highlighted mostly minority communities adversely affected by pollution.
/ December 6, 2021
Press Secretary Psaki Holds Daily Briefing With EPA Administrator Regan
In his historic role as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Michael Regan is prioritizing environmental justice.
/ July 2, 2021
White House officials exclusively told theGrio, removing lead from water infrastructure will be a priority for the Biden Administration.
/ June 30, 2021
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President-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris announce additional members of the National Economic Council.
/ December 21, 2020