nashville tennessee

A woman with “assault-style” rifles killed three 9-year-old students and three adults at a private Christian school in Nashville.
/ March 27, 2023
Nashville officials on Monday sued over a new Tennessee law that will cut the Democratic-leaning city’s metro council in half.
/ March 14, 2023
Burrel “Chip” Davis was fired Monday after it was determined he knew of at least some of the sexual misconduct between his officers.
/ February 7, 2023
Singer-songwriter Jessy Wilson was ready to give up her musical dream when a film about female African warriors showed her the power of perseverance.
/ February 3, 2023
Ricardo Guthrie, an ethnic studies professor at Northern Arizona University, settled his discrimination lawsuit and joined the Fisk faculty.
/ January 23, 2023
Election officials confirmed erroneous votes had been cast in the wrong races in Nashville since early voting began.
/ December 31, 2022
Joyce Watkins and Charlie Dunn spent 27 years in prison before parole was granted in 2015, but Dunn died before his release.
/ January 21, 2022