Rev. Jesse Jackson

Glynn County courthouse Arbery

Black pastors and allied clergy will convene on Thursday outside of the Glynn County courthouse in Georgia to pray for

/ November 17, 2021
Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson secured a verbal agreement from Howard University’s administration to allow students to end their protest without facing

/ November 1, 2021
Reverend Jesse Jackson x Sesame Place

Reverend Jesse Jackson is the latest — and one of the most recognizable names — to meet with Howard University

/ October 30, 2021
Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson is now 80 years old, but in addition to his celebration of life, the community champions the

/ October 8, 2021
Jesse Jackson

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was released Wednesday from a Chicago facility a month after he was hospitalized for a breakthrough

/ September 22, 2021
Jesse Jackson

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a famed civil rights leader and two-time presidential candidate, and his wife have been hospitalized after

/ August 21, 2021

Reverend Jesse Jackson, who is living with Parkinson’s disease, and Reverend William Barber were arrested earlier this week in Phoenix,

/ July 30, 2021