Richard Spencer

Activists Protest Alt Right Leader Richard Spencer's MSU Appearance EAST LANSING, MI - MARCH 05: White nationalists clash with counter-demonstrators before the start of a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer, who popularized the term 'alt-right', at Michigan State University on March 5, 2018 in East Lansing, Michigan. Spencer was granted permission to speak after suing the university which is currently on Spring break. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

After a violent clashes erupted at a speaking event for white supremacist Richard Spencer at Michigan State University, police moved

/ March 6, 2018
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Between the neoliberal chatter and the Obama admonishments, West comes across as lonely, maybe even a tad bit desperate to

/ December 23, 2017
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Richard Spencer, the white nationalist who organized the rallies in Charlottesville, is set to give a speech at the University

/ October 17, 2017
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White supremacist Richard Spencer spoke at Auburn University, and one black student there perfectly challenged him. “How are white people

/ April 19, 2017