The 1619 Project

In September, Angola’s President João Lourenco invited two Tucker siblings to visit the country, and they did last month for five days.
/ January 21, 2022
The Pulitzer Prize-winning Hannah-Jones said she’s clear-eyed about forcing a reckoning around this nation’s self-image.
/ December 29, 2021
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Hannah-Jones described Middlesex School’s move as “clearly the result of the hysteria and successful propaganda campaign.”
/ October 22, 2021
The bill cuts over two dozen curriculum requirements, including the study of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
/ July 20, 2021
Greg Abbott’s signature makes Texas the third state to pass laws banning the teaching of “The 1619 Project” and critical race theory.
/ June 16, 2021
The incredibly-illustrious journalist’s appointment as a tenured professor at UNC is again another review, insiders confirmed.
/ May 28, 2021
Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a bill that prohibits public schools — including universities — from teaching critical race theory.
/ May 4, 2021