United States Postal Service

USPS has reverted to a mail system that is unreliable — leaving people wondering when they will get prescriptions, checks and tax returns.
/ March 31, 2021
The 56th anniversary of Bloody Sunday has the White House focused on voter regristration in an all-out effort to protect the right to vote.
/ March 8, 2021
“More than 35 percent of postal workers are people of color,” Bush noted in Wednesday’s hearing, “while zero percent of governors are.”
/ February 25, 2021
A postal worker in Pennsylvania, whose claim of ballot tampering was touted by Republicans as evidence of voter fraud, says it was all a lie.
/ November 10, 2020
Mail-in Ballot theGrio.com
U.S. Postal Service inspectors found just 13 ballots during an Election Day sweep of mail processing centers ordered by a federal judge.
/ November 4, 2020
Mail-in Ballot theGrio.com
The U.S. Postal Service says it can’t meet a federal judge’s order to sweep processing centers for undelivered mail-in ballots.
/ November 3, 2020
The day after this shooting, another postal carrier was struck while on route, this time with a paintball gun.
/ September 21, 2020