Voter Supression

Nse Ufot said that she is proud of the thousands of people her organization registered to vote in the 30 days after the November election.
/ January 9, 2021
In an interview with SiriusXM, Maxine Waters criticizes Black voters who plan on supporting Trump. “It is absolutely unconscionable.”
/ October 31, 2020
Members of the Republican Party in Harris County, Texas submitted petitions to the Texas Supreme Court to void 117,000 drive-thru votes.
/ October 31, 2020
That’s the highest number of machines removed since 2016. Before then, the average was 388 withdrawn per year.
/ September 10, 2020
LeBron James’ voting-rights group, More Than a Vote, partnered with Los Angeles Dodgers to make Dodger Stadium a polling place for elections.
/ August 14, 2020
It was the work Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t get to finish. And some say, even got him killed. […]
/ November 15, 2018
With less than two weeks left until the mid-term elections, voters in Georgia are having a difficult time casting ballots for their intended candidate.
/ October 26, 2018