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“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

With those six words, Oklahoma City resident ‘Sweet Brown’ became one of 2012’s viral video stars. After surviving an apartment fire in April, Brown gave a wacky and ‘this can’t be real’ interview to Oklahoma City’s KFOR-TV.

Brown and her signature lines, such as “Lord Jesus, it’s a fire,” lead this year’s Grio list of wackiest stories.

Other stories making the cut include a man obsessed with having sex with teddy bears in public places and a woman driving a stolen car into a parking lot full of cops.

Think things couldn’t get any wackier in 2012?

Well a party promoter looking to make a quick buck off the Trayvon Martin tragedy actually ran a promotion that said, “everyone free before 11 with an empty bag of Skittles.”

Fortunately, the event was cancelled.

If only all the other stories on this list had a similar ending…

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